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H‘ELITE Hotel foshan profile

2019/2/16 20:56:41
H‘ELITE Hotel foshan (the headquarters of Foshan Mei) is a medium and high-end cultural luxury hotel under Huaxuanli Hotel, with an area of 9633 86 square meters, a total of 160 new Chinese-style rooms. With light and luxurious colors and new Chinese style, it returns to living quality and simplifies complexity.
Innovative use of the latest scientific and technological products and intelligent customer control system, create "extremely fresh and oxygen-rich indoor air, zero noise comfort quiet sleep environment, intelligent environmental protection and energy-saving system, considerate natural quality service" for competitive advantage of high-end boutique business hotels.
Hlife Hotel shunde, advocating not luxury life, is a journey home. Careful service, so that customers find the home of the journey, in Huaxuan, let customers move away from the noise of the city, put down the nervous rhythm, release the inner depression, enjoy the quiet of nature.

Cader Hotel Guangzhou traffic info

Business zone:Huangpu
Address:Guangdong · Guangzhou · huangpuqu - No.50 Fengle Middle Road Huangpu District Guangzhou China